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The National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions works with its member coalitions and its Product Development committee to form strategic partnerships and alliances with organizations which provide advantages in service, quality and cost to participating funds. The NLAHCC works with experts to conduct RFIs which provide a due diligence for participating funds. The methodology and results are shared with member coalitions. (See our Member Entrance section.)

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Willis Towers Watson's Individual Marketplace for Medicare-eligible Retirees

NLAHCC has partnered with Willis Towers Watson for retiree health insurance coverage. Willis Towers Watson's Individual Marketplace leverages the individual Medicare marketplace to offer your retirees an intelligent solution that accesses the benefits of the nation's largest private Medicare marketplace, retiree communications and expert support, real-time reporting on transition status, and more.

Willis Towers Watson's Individual Marketplace enables your Medicare-eligible retirees to shop for the Medicare coverage that fits their needs and budget. This makes it possible for Funds to continue to offer health care benefits to retirees in a financially sustainable way. With the Individual Marketplace , retirees can choose the options that are right for them from the nation's leading health insurance carriers. And Funds that do not subsidize Medicare retiree health care coverage can offer retirees expert, licensed assistance to select with confidence the plan that best fits their personal situation. Willis Towers Watson's Individual Marketplace services includes:

Ensuring Success: A management and implementation team with the services to ensure a successful transition from group plans to individual Medicare plans.

Opportunity Analysis: A thorough opportunity analysis for the Fund, evaluating the carriers and plans available to your retirees by location.

Communication and Education: A robust communication campaign, including a complete set of retiree communications, and we offer assistance with educating your retirees about the transition.

Licensed Benefit Advisors: Benefit advisors hold multiple state insurance licenses and passes rigorous training and carrier certification. Benefit advisors are trained to focus on customer service and receive specific needs of retirees.

HRA Adminstration: If you want to provide subsidies for your retirees, Willis Towers Watson can administer the subsidy through their Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) Service.

In short, Willis Towers Watson offers a better solution to the challenge of providing post-65 retiree health benefits.

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If you'd like to learn more about how Willis Towers Watson's Individual Marketplace can help your retirees, contact:

Rob Clark
Willis Towers Watson
Phone: (801) 415-1755

Jill Nohai
Regional Vice President of Sales for Willis Towers Watson

Phone: (845) 592-2307