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The National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions works with its member coalitions and its Product Development committee to form strategic partnerships and alliances with organizations which provide advantages in service, quality and cost to participating funds. The NLAHCC works with experts to conduct RFIs which provide a due diligence for participating funds. The methodology and results are shared with member coalitions. (See our Member Entrance section.)

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Best Doctors

Facing a medical challenge can be stressful enough without worrying whether you have the right diagnosis or the most effective treatment—especially when you consider that, according to the Institute of Medicine, it is likely that most of us will experience at least one diagnostic error in our lifetime. Which is why many are taking advantage of world-class medical expertise and offering Best Doctors as a benefit. To members and their dependents the service is entirely free, voluntary, confidential and independent of the Plan and the carrier.

With Best Doctors, the world’s top physicians review the medical cases of members and their families as well as provide other support services to resolve any level of medical uncertainty a member may have. . Members have immediate access to our database of more than 53,000 expert physicians in over 450 specialties and subspecialties. As a result, they make better informed health care decisions while plan sponsors decrease their medical costs.

A High-Value Benefit that Saves Dollars and Lives

Best Doctors:

  • Gives members access to the top medical minds in the world to ensure they have the right diagnosis and right treatment plan
  • Delivers superior clinical outcomes. We find that in the cases we review for our clients there is:
    • A 75% modification in treatment
    • A 37% modification in diagnosis
    • 38% of surgeries are not needed now or ever.
  • Helps to create more active, engaged health care consumers
  • Helps members on high-deductible health plans determine if they are paying for the right treatment
  • Impacts high cost claims and complex cases
  • Clinically integrates its services with other vendors to ensure members are enrolled in the appropriate programs that are offered outside of Best Doctors
  • Decreases the risks and costs associated with misdiagnosis, incorrect treatment, needless surgeries, and unnecessary drugs, doctors’ visits and hospital stays.

Time and again, our clients report that Best Doctors more than pays for itself. Plan sponsors save not only dollars but also lives. Which is why we now serve more than 35 million members in 100 countries across virtually all industries.

For more information, contact:

Charles Gustafson, VP of Business Development
(860) 983-5025

Meredith Foss, VP of Business Development
(612) 210-8384